Bojian Xu (pronounced as Bojien Shü)

is the chair and an associate professor of computer science at Eastern Washington University. Before joining EWU as an assistant professor in 2011, he was a research assistant professor at Texas A&M University and The University of Kansas during 2009-2011, working with Professor Jeffrey Scott Vitter. He received his B.E. in computer science and engineering from Zhejiang University in 2000, and his Ph.D. with distinction in computer engineering from Iowa State University in 2009, under the supervision of Professor Srikanta Tirthapura. His industrial experience includes four years with China Mobile and the 2008 summer research internship at AT&T Shannon Laboratory. In the summer of 2013, he was a visiting researcher at TÜBİTAK-BİLGEM National Research Institute of Electronics and Cryptology, Turkey. He is the winner of Outstanding Faculty Merit Award for Teaching in 2013.


His research interest is to design and implement practical algorithms and systems for massive data processing. He has been working on distributed massive streaming data management in the presence of memory and energy constraints, compressed data structures for indexing and searching large data sets, GPU computing for stringology, and I/O-efficient sampling techniques for both data warehouses and data streams. These work have applications in network security monitoring, energy-constrained sensor network data aggregation and transmission, search engines, online data sketching, data compression, pattern matching, and biological sequence alignment and repetitive/unique structure finding. Here is a list of his publications with downloadable PDFs.


His teaching responsibility at Eastern is focused on foundational computer science courses. He has developped and has been teaching the following courses.

  • CSCD300 Data Structures
  • CSCD320 Algorithms
  • CSCD423/523 Randomized Algorithms and Probabilistic Analysis
  • CSCD501 Advanced Algorithms

Office Hours

Anytime when his office door is open.

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