CSCD 506 Research Methods in Computer Science
Course Notes and Reading

Winter 2018


Jan 8    Course Overview     Reading: Papers will be coming !!!

Jan 10    Lit Review     Reading: Papers from Assignment 2

Jan 15    MKL Holiday - No school

Jan 16    Research Metholody     Reading: None

Jan 19    Trip to the Library to learn about Computer Science databases and searching

Jan 22    Discussion on Homework 3 - Identifying Research

Jan 24    CS Sources     Reading: None

Jan 26    Visit from Writing Center

Jan 29    Writing Advice     Reading: See Assignment 5, one paper

Jan 31    Writing Advice - More     Reading: None

Feb 5    Thesis Writing and More     Reading: See Assignment 6

Feb 6    No Class today

Feb 7    Went Over Good/Bad Examples of Articles

Feb 9    Dan Tappan Presentation     Reading: None

Feb 12    Went Over Thesis Examples in Class.

Feb 13    Thesis Proposal Writing     Reading: Links in the slides

Feb 14    No Class - Instructor sick

Feb 16    Stu's Research     Reading: None

Feb 19    President's Day No Class.

Feb 20    Research Proposals - Discuss in Class

Feb 21    Excellent Research     Reading: Links in the slides

Feb 23    Bojian Xu - His Research

Feb 26    Researching Research Methods in CS     Reading: None

Feb 27    Dr. Beth Tipton - Data Visualization

Feb 28    Scientific Method, CS and Bias     Reading: None

Mar 2    Scientific Method, Hypothesis Testing     Reading: None

Mar 5    Simon Peyton Jones - How to do a Great Presentation     Reading: None

Mar 7    Presentations for Fun and Profit     Reading: None

Mar 9    Panel with Former Graduate Students and Industry Alumni