CSCD 506 Assignment Eight
Researching Research Methods

Due Date: Friday, Mar. 2, 2018

For this assignment, you will be exploring the various types of CS Research by answering a fake Request for Proposals (RFP), and creating plausible methodology for conducting the research. The proposal is only going to state the problem statement. The second part of the assignment, is to describe other types of research in Computer Science.

Request for Research Proposal in Software Engineering
Read the problem statement and write a response that proposes a Research Methodology that addresses the problem. If you were answering a real proposal, you would include everything just like your research proposal including a timeline and budget.

Problem Statement
A remarkable number of fundamental questions, remain open in the realm of software engineering. Nearly every project has to address these core problems. One of these questions is, In general, What is the maximum team size, if any, beyond which a team should be split? Or, asking this in a different way, Is there an optimal team size given a medium to large-sized project?

You should investigate several empirical methods in Software Engineering and devise a proposed methodology that best answers the question.
Make any assumptions you like, but please state them to help in addressing the problem.
Your response should include: The primary methodology, such as survey, experiment, case study or other methods.
Numerical analysis of the results such as statistics used to validate your results.
The broader impacts of your solution. You want to include a statement that addresses the applicability to a broader population of software engineers.

Other Research Methods
Answer the following questions. You will likely have to do some research to discover the answers.
1. Where is simulation modeling used in Computer Science Research today? Provide two examples
2. Provide and describe at least two current examples of Theoretical Computer Science Research.
3. Describe some of the differences and challenges between the Scientific method used in the sciences and the empirical approach used in Computer Science.

Turn In
For this assignment, please bring a hard copy to class and we will discuss the results.