CSCD 506 Assignment Five - Writing Examples

Due Date: Thursday, October 25 - part 1 Final Result - October 31

  1. Using what we discussed in class on what is good writing or from the links under the RelevantLinks page for this class
  2. Highly Recommended, Read this short paper, How Not to Write a Paper
  3. Find an example of a good paper and a bad paper according to the recommendations.
  4. Extract one part of each paper you think is particularly good or bad and send it to me via email.

  5. Send me your examples via email by Thursday, October 25

  6. Be prepared to talk or defend your example if called upon in class on October 29th. I will choose certain examples and print them to discuss in class.
  7. During class, we will critique the examples and you will get a chance to add comments about the papers.
  8. Final versions of papers with comments are due Wednesday, October 31st
Turn In
1. Turn in your example papers via email by Thursday, October 25th.
2. Turn in your final comments about your papers and those discussed in class by Wednesday, October 31st