CSCD 506 Assignment Two
How to Review a Paper and Practice

Due Date: Monday, October 1st, 2018

This assignment will help you practice your skills in reading papers for your literature review. First, read the papers on how to read papers. Then, using the techniques from the how-to papers review the paper from Mary Shaw as a practice of applying the reviewing principles. We will go over the results in class

Task 1 - Read the two How-to Papers
The first paper is a well-cited approach to reading papers.
How to Read a Paper

The second paper is shorter on How to Read a Technical Paper
How to Read a Technical Paper

Task 2 - Apply Techniques to a Single Paper
Now, you will apply what you have learned in the two How-to papers to a generic paper, by Mary Shaw of Carnegie Mellon University. See the paper below.
Writing Good Software Engineering Research Papers

First Pass - Keshaw Paper Reading Process
Write the Answers to the following questions:
Category - What type of paper is it?
Context - Papers related to it
Correct - Assumptions are valid?
Contribution - Main contributions - define
Clarity - Is it well written?

Second Pass - Keshaw Paper Reading Process
Key Points - Write them down

Third Pass - Keshaw Paper Reading Process
Write answers to the following questions.

What are the Implicit assumptions?
What are some potential issues with the paper analysis?

Continuing - Keshaw Paper Reading Process
Using the Shaw paper for an example of literature review techniques, do a key word search to find related papers.
Use some of the sources we went over in the class notes
Find at least three papers related to the topic of writing software engineering papers.

Do a first pass reading of these papers, read related works sections.
Find any shared references in the papers and try to identify researchers in this area
You can also use the references from Mary Shaw's paper as a starting place.
See where they have published and find several conferences in this field.

Write up your results to this exercise in identifying important researchers and conferences.

Questions Related to Review Process
1. What did you think of the Keshaw process? Does it seem useful ? Is it too much work?
2. What is your opinion of the other paper on Reading Technical Papers?

Turn In
1. Answers to the questions above in hard copy. We will share these in class.