CSCD 506 Homework 1
Communication and Questions

This first assignment is for you to test out your email and make sure we can communicate with each other. You can use Google to find the answers to historical people and developments in the field of Computer Science. See questions below.

Task 1. Send me an email with your preferred email address and a subject line of, CSCD506 - Homework 1.
Use the following email:
Include in your email the text to the following task.

Task 2. Historical Knowledge Trivia Test
1. Your preferred name - What should I call you?
2. Test your knowledge of Famous Computer Science Historical Figures - Answer the questions below
    a. Who invented the Unix Operating system? Where did he/she/they work at the time?
    b. What famous computer science person was featured in a recent (last 3 years) movie that took place during WWII?
    c. Followup to Question b. What was his/her main contribution to the field of Computer Science?
    d. Who invented Ethernet?
    e. Who coined the term "bug" in computer science? Why was it called a bug?
    f. Name several of the earliest computers, how they were programmed and who typically programmed them?
3. Thanks and thats all folks