CSCD 506
Research Methods in Computer Science
Fall 2018
Room:  CEB 228
Time:   Monday, Wednesday 2:00 - 4:30 pm
Instructor:  Carol Taylor
Office:  CEB, Office hour: 1:00 - 2 pm Tuesday, Thursday
Phone:   509-359-2817

Communication with Instructor
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Welcome to the Syllabus for Research Methods in Computer Science

The Goals of this course are:

Activities in Support of Goals:

  1. Conduct a Literature Review
  2. Come up with a Research Question
  3. Write a research proposal
  4. Analyze some data sets and learn to use statistical software
  5. Present results

Class Format
Presentations from you

25% Literature Review Activities
- Review forms of papers read
- Draft Literature Review
- Literature Review itself

20% Research Question
- Critiqueing other's work
- Discovery of research question
- Posing a draft of research question

20% Scientific paper production
- Preliminary results of your work or survey that incorporates literature review

15% Presentation of a Result

20% Data Analysis
- Analysis of data in support of research

End of Syllabus