CScD-490, Senior Capstone
Course Syllabus

Instructor: Tom Capaul
Office: 303 CEB
Office Hours: M-Th, 9-9:50 am, F 10-10:50am, or by appointment;
Email:  - This is the preferred means for sending messages
Phone: 359-7092 (24-hour voice-mail -- note that e-mail is the preferred message means.)
     Optional:  Shari Pfleeger and Joanne Atlee, Software Engineering, Theory and Practice 3ed, ISBN: 0-13-146913-4.
     Optional:  Robert Martin (Uncle Bob!), UML for Java Programmers, ISBN: 0-13-142848-9.

Catalog Description: 

CSCD 490:  Senior Capstone, 4 credits
Prerequisites: CSCD 488 with a minimum grade of 2.5, ENGL 201, Advancement Programming Exam clearance, and advancement in major. 

This course is the second course of a two-quarter project sequence.  This course must be taken following the successful completion of the Senior Project course.  During this course the client-specified project will be completed.  The project will use the appropriate tools and digital systems methodologies to additionally specify, design, implement, install and test a sytems solution that meets the client's needs.  Millestone reports, including a final oral report and complete final project documentation (in printed and electronic form) are required.


While the course is project based (hence the name!), selected lectures will be given on topics of interest that you will likely encounter in industry.  These lectures will be given by me as well as industry professionals who are experts (or very well versed) on a given topic.  Some example topics are design patterns, test-driven design, quality assurance principles.

In addition, demonstrations will be given as necessary on tools that aid in project development.  This could be a demonstration of how to set up and use a Code Version System (CVS) such as Subversion.  Functional testing tools, such as Fitnesse, may also be demonstrated.  

Attendance Policy:

Students are responsible for all material covered in class.  It is imperative that you attend regularly as this is a project-based course and your team members depend on you.  If you must miss class, let your team captain as well as myself know about your absence *ahead of time*.  Lack of attendance will negatively affect your grade.

Attendance is required for invited presentations, including all project presentations and other presentations by students in the class.  Attendance will be taken, and failure to attend will reduce the course grade by 0.1 grade point -- unless the person missing the class can justify the absence.


  • The primary means of grading will be based on your team project which will be submitted at quarter's end.  Each team will submit a portfolio that contains all documents and work pertinent to the team project.  In addition, each team member will submit an evaluation of the other members of the team to me via email.  Evaluations given by team captains will be weighted more heavily than regular team members.  Part of the project is an oral presentation in which all team members must present some facet of the project.  Appropriate dress for project presentations is required.  This means no T-shirts/Sweatshirts, jeans with holes, tennis shoes, are allowed.
  • Assignments and quizzes are possible, but will only be used if deemed necessary and productive based on material covered in the class.