Course Project Deliverables
Due Tuesday, March 19 by ***2pm*** for presentation

Each team must submit a notebook/binder with the following items (preferably in the order given):

  1. Cover page with team name, member names, current date, and project name

  2. An index page that lists contents -- can be numbered or tab delimited:

    1. Description of project -- provide a definitive list of what functionality exists, what shortcomings there are, and future improvements

    2. SRS document

    3. Story Cards

    4. Class Diagrams / Schema / Design Documents

    5. Output captures demonstrating project behavior

    6. Notes from team meetings

    7. Test plans and results

    8. Any additional documents that show how your team worked through its development process and that you feel would be relevant to another team that might assume your work at a later date

    9. A printout of the top Subversion (or whatever you use for versioning your project) directory and sub-directories your team used.  A printout of the log from Subversion.

    10. Reference page (list any references you used in putting together the work your team performed)

  3. A CD (or thumb drive if you wish) with your source code (organized so it is easy to find things) and a readme.txt file that describes how to run your program (if a password is necessary for something, be sure and include it).  NOTE: the assumption is your program will be run from the server on which it resides.

NOTE: Your notebook/binder will be kept by the instructor at the conclusion of the two course sequence for accreditation purposes.

Each team will have 20 to 25 minutes to present its results.  Include in your presentation the following:

Each member of each team MUST present some facet of the project.  Please dress in a semi-formal manner (button up shirt, preferably slacks, no tennis shoes -- gals can wear a blouse and skirt or dress (or button up shirt and slacks if you prefer).  Try and remember to speak clearly to your audience, maintain eye contact, and avoid constantly reading from your slides (slides are there for the audience - NOT YOU -- use 3x5 notecards for yourself).  You will be evaluated on your presentation as a team.  Please be sure and read through *this document (Senior Project Oral Presentation Rubric)* to help with your presentation.  Furthermore, the following two documents will be used to evaluate your project as a whole, so make sure you address the items in them as you progress through the quarter.

Each individual must submit to me via email a SINGLE document (.rtf, .doc, .odt, or .pdf format) that contains the following:

  1. An evaluation of each team member that includes a grade you feel they deserve (use 0.0-4.0) based on that team member's contribution.  Note that 2.5 and above is passing.  If you feel a team member did not perform at a passing level, your grade for that person should reflect this.  Clearly articulate why that person did not meet passing standards in your opinion.

  2. An evaluation of your contribution and the grade you feel you deserve

  3. What you learned (or had to learn) for the project -- this can include technical aspects and/or team dynamics.  Is there anything you would do differently if you could start over with the knowledge you have now?

  4. NOTE: This evaluation will be viewed by the instructor ONLY.  Please be honest, frank, and professional.  It is your ethical responsibility to do so as a member of the Computer Science Department.  Do not discuss your evaluation with other members of the class.

Use this document as a template for evaluating each team member (including yourself): team_member_eval_form.txt

NOTE: Extra weight will be given to what team captains have to say regarding item 1

This document is subject to change as necessary to clarify submission items.