CSCD 487/587 Project Description

Winter 2013

Option A

You are to build a prototype Electronic Rating system, I don't care what it rates.
, Books, CD's or movies, Pets, Plants, Universities, Hobbies ... Ratings should have several options: Good, Mediocre, Bad or you can use a numerical scale.
You can implement recommendations for items as Amazon or add some other features. Features should make sense.
You will design, test and implement a prototype of the project.

Option B

Propose your own project. Hopefully, something you are working on or will work on in the future. Or, just something of personal interest to you. You will design, test and implement a prototype of the project.

Note: Both options will involve the same activities

Project Activities

1. Statement of Intent
Submit a one page statement of intent. Give your name, project name, description of the system. What software and hardware you will use. Example: Java, Windows .Net, Python, Ruby, HTML etc
Also, turn in a short user profile containing a description of users of the system. Include their expertise, novice, intermediate or expert. Also include anything that affects their ability to use the system, Age, Computer savy, or disabilities.
Due: February 8th

2. Screen Design on Paper
Submit an initial screen design on paper !!!
Screens and a description of the interface. Include comments on how the screens operate.
Due: March 4th

3. Build and Test the Project
.. and they will come ... just kidding. Build the prototype of the project. Test it with users. At least three users should test your project. We will practice and discuss in class options for testing users. You will incorporate their suggestions in your design
Due: March 11th

4. In-class Project Demo
Demo your project and turn in a short write-up of the project. Will hand out later the requirements of the contents of the report. Final week of class we will present the projects in class.
Write-up Due: March 15th