CSCD 487/587 Homework 5
Researching User Data Gathering

Due: Wednesday, Feb. 20th

Goal of is assignment is for you to gather user data.
You are to observe one or more people using a device and try to document what they are doing when they use the device.

Task 1. Document User Tasks with no Framework
Do the following things:

a. Find a small group of people who are using any kind of technology and try to answer the questions, What are these people doing? Are they adept at using the technology? It is up to you if you want to tell them they are being watched.
b. Watch for three to five minutes and write down what you observe.
c. When you have finished, note anything you felt doing this exercise or any reactions from the group you have observed.
d. If you were to observe the group again, how would you change what you did the first time?

Task 2. Document User Tasks with a Framework
a. Observe the same group or a similar group using Robson's framework. Take about 10 minutes and pay attention to the framework parameters.
b. Answer the following questions:
Did the framework make it easier to pay attention to significant events you wanted to document?
Did you feel that observation was useful to figuring out how people were using a given device?
Would it have been better to combine the technique with perhaps another technique and if so, which one would you want to use?

Turn In
1. Preferably paper copy of answers.