CSCD 487/587 Homework 3
Evaluating Devices/Interfaces

This assignment is to assist you in evaluating interfaces. It is step one of the skills we all need to develop. Have fun and pick some interesting devices.

Task 1.
1. Find a handheld device (e.g. remote control, handheld computer, or cell phone) and examine how it has been designed, paying particular attention to how the user is meant to interact with it. Include a diagram of the interface in your assignment.
a. Evaluate the usability of the device in terms of the usability goals:
effectiveness, efficiency, safety, utility, learnability, and memorability.
b. Evaluate the usability of the device in terms of Donald Norman design principles:
visibility, feedback, constraints, mapping, consistency, and affordance.
See link here for a summary: Design Principles
Task 2.
1. Visit EWU's online web pages for class registration.
Copy the relevant pages into your assignment, so you can refer to them as you answer the questions below.
a. Evaluate the usability of the registration pages using the same design principles from Donald Norman as in task 1 above.
b. What interface design problems are most egregious in the online registration pages?
Write a few paragraphs explaining your answer.