CSCD 487/587 Homework 2
Reading Articles

You are two articles and and answer questions on what you have read.

Task 1.
Read the following articles at the following links.
1. Read essay, What is Interactive Design?
What is Interaction Design?
2. Read the article, First Principles, from Tog
First Principles from Tog

Task 2. Summarize the articles briefly
Write a short summary of each article. Few paragraphs.

Address the following questions too,
1. The first article by Marion was written in the later 90's. Do you believe the field of Interactive Design has changed since then? Provide evidence one way or the other.
2. Pick two of Tog's topics and agree or disagree with his statements. Can you provide any examples or experiences you have had in relation to the topics you selected.
For example, Tog makes the statement that, "Defaults should be easy to "blow away:" Fields containing defaults should come up selected, so users can replace the default contents with new material quickly and easily.
Defaults should be "intelligent" and responsive
First, do you agree with those statements and second do you have examples to support your views.