CSCD 349
Design Patterns

Design Patterns Image Illustrating Some Common Design Patterns



Calendar (This gives a general view and flow of items that will be covered in the class.  For information on quizzes, exams, etc. that is current please view the Syllabus and assignments page on Canvas)

Week Topic Book reading Notes
1 and 2 OO review, UML review and Introduction to Design Patterns (Strategy, Observer) HFDP: Intro, 1, and 2, 3 (Observer), 4 (Decorator)
Notes: (Facade)
Design Patterns Intro;
Basic OO Concepts;
Strategy Notes;
Observer Notes
Decorator Notes
Facade Notes
3 Factory, Singleton, Command, Adapter HFDP: 5 (Factory and Abstract Factory), 6 (Singleton), 7 (Command)
Notes: (Adapter)
Factory Notes;
Adapter Notes;
Singleton Notes
4 Command, Bridge, Template Method HFDP: 6 and 8

Command Notes
Bridge Notes
5 Template Method, Iterator, Composite HFDP 8 and 9 Template Notes
Iterator Notes
All material covered is fair game Composite Notes
6 Composite HFDP 9
7 State, Proxy HFDP 10 and 11 State Notes
8 Proxy, MVC HFDP 11, 12 Proxy Notes
MVC Notes
9 Memento, Mediator, Prototype, Chain of Responsibility HFDP 622-627, 616-617 Memento Notes
Mediator Notes
Prototype Notes
Chain of Responsibility Notes
10 Code Smells Builder

Dependency Injection
Mock Object
Final ExamPlease see Canvas