CSCD 434 Network Security

Project Information
Spring 2019

The project is intended to be an experiment or program devised by you. In other words it should be the kind of thing that might be accomplished with two to three weeks of programming effort.

Note:  You can do the Survey Paper as an alternative to this Project. If you want to substitute the survey paper, read the guidelines for the paper and let me know which you are choosing to do by the May 4th deadline.

There are two official deadlines posted for the project.

Submission of the Topic:   Due:   May 4th
Final PaperDue:                Due:   Jun 7th

Choosing a Topic
The project is provided as an opportunity for you to explore an area of interest within the area of network security. Ideally, this is intended to be a small research project. You can choose to duplicate an existing experiment to confirm the results. Or, you can provide an incremental extension of existing work rather than a completely new project.

It is important that you be sure you have everything you need to complete your project before you begin. For instance, you should be sure you have access to the right hardware and software before committing to a topic. Students who discover that they are missing some key element of their project during the last few weeks of the quarter will be allowed to change topics  but will not be given any extension of the deadlines.

Possible topics will usually fall into the category of experiment or development.
In an experiment, your purpose will be to propose a hypothesis, run some tests, and determine an outcome. For instance:

Some topics may involve prototyping of a new design, and some analysis of that design:

A few topics may involve observation:

If you need further ideas for a topic, see the list of    Project Ideas
Or, you can make an appointment and come talk with me about selecting a topic.

Doing the Work
It is recommended that you start on the project early allowing time for any difficulties that might arise unexpectedly. It is also a good idea to allow yourself one or two weeks to write up your project.

You may turn the project in any time up to the due date shown.
Since we will not be doing a presentation this year, take note of the changed deliverables for the project.

  1. An introduction to the problem you are trying to solve. A few paragraphs to one page should work and should include some references
  2. Your approach to solving the problem. What you did. Another few paragraphs to several pages. Pictures or screenshots are always good.
  3. Test plan including results from testing
  4. Any problems you had or how you could do it better
  5. Source code and executable code. Instructions for running the program