CSCD 434 Lab 7
Firewall or Behavior Monitoring Tool

Due: June 6th

This lab is to be done on your home computer since it will require configuring and possibly downloading a tool.
In this lab you are to explore one of two options, Firewall settings or a Behavior Based Monitoring Tool.
In Chapter 7 of your book at the end of the chapter, are projects that take you through using a Firewall and Behavior Monitoring Tool.
Choose either Project 7-1, Configuring a Windows Firewall or Project 7-2 - Using a Behavior-Based Monitoring Tools.
The Behavior-Based Monitoring Tools project will require downloading and installing the Threatfire tool. It only runs in Windows.


1. Complete the project and answer any questions
2. Turn in the lab via email and put CSCD 434 Lab 7 in the subject line.