CSCD 434/539 Lab 3 - Malware Investigation

Due: May 5th, 2014


In this Lab you are supposed to do some investigation into interesting malware exploits.

It should be one we have not yet talked about in class. I know there are a lot of them out there.
Pick one that seems fairly serious ... can give you root access or client access onto a machine.
Learn as much as you can about it and even try it out if you have time.
This malware/exploit can also have a social engineering aspect through a Web interface or email.

Make Sure You Answer The Following Questions in Your Write-up
Come prepared to discuss it during class, Monday, May 5th.
Explain how it fits into an attacker's agenda.
What do they use it for?
What type of victims do they use it against?
How prevalent is it as an exploit?
If you find video or a demo of it, so much the better. See below for Extra Credit.


1. Write up a brief summary of the exploit. About a page in length.
2. Be prepared to talk about it in class
3. Ideally, for this Lab, I want a hard copy of the write-up
4. Extra credit: 5 points, If you find a short video or demo. Or, do a demo yourself in class. It must be short.