CSCD 434 Network Security

Paper Information

Deadlines for Papers:

Survey Paper
A Survey Paper should provide a useful overview of a topic area possibly discussed in class. If you decide to do it on a topic not covered in this class, you need to get approval from me. The paper should be roughly 6-8 pages long. Single spaced in one of the formats: ACM or IEEE sited in this document.

See the above schedule for deadlines.  You are required to turn in your topic and several references in advance, for instructor feedback. This means at several paragraphs outlining what you will be writing about and at least two references that you have read on the topic.

Your grade for this paper will be determined by averaging scores in these areas:

  1. Overall quality of the insights offered in the paper
  2. Completeness and appropriateness of the references. Must use some journal or book references .. not all Web based.
  3. Technical quality of the final paper - grammar/spelling/formatting

What is a survey paper?
A literature survey should be an insightful and thorough and well-written discussion of existing research in a focused area.

Insightful: A survey is not a summary or catalog of papers, or an annotated bibliography. Instead, a literature survey provides organization to a field of endeavor.For instance, a survey article on intrusion detection might explain how network systems evolved from host-based intrusion detection systems, and discuss how that affected the complexity of the interaction between components. A good survey usually explains both where a field has been and indicates where it is going; a good survey of a field will leave readers feeling informed about the major concepts in the field, approaches used by researchers, the aspects that have been solved thoroughly and where there is still a need for research.

Thorough:Thorough does not mean that you must read and reference each and every article ever written on a subject! It does mean that a good faith attempt has been made to include all relevant articles drawn from reliable sources. Thus, articles should be selected from conferences, journals, and books as appropriate. Both classics and brand new research should be included whenever appropriate. The article may draw on references that are not specifically about security although such material should make up only a small percentage of the total; for instance, it while might be necessary to include a short discussion of Petri Nets, this discussion should not be a lengthy one (1 page max, half a page better). Also: when citing references, be sure to obtain and read the entire paper and not just a few paragraphs. You might be asked to show hardcopy of your references when the paper is turned in.

Well-written: A well-written survey paper should be of sufficient quality that a journal might choose to publish it. It should not contain any typographical errors or grammatical errors; it should be well-formatted.

Draft for Feedback
You have the option of submitting a draft of your paper for my review and comments. It should be in perfect shape, but you will be given an opportunity to make changes based on my review before you turn in your final copy. You must allow enough time for me to review it !! Don't turn it in the day before its due and expect me to read it and get you back comments. Give me at least one week to review the paper

Along with the paper you will present what you did to the class in a short presentation. Presentations should be about 15-20 minutes. Part of your project grade will include the effectiveness of the presentation.

Both papers should use either the ACM or IEEE guidelines for formatting you can find these here:
ACM Formatting Instructions and IEEE Formatting Instructions