CSCD434 Relevant Links
Spring 2014

TCP/IP Links and Security

Internet Ports
General TCP/IP History and Info
TCP/IP Guide - Online Reference
IPv6 Forum - Lots of Links Here
How the OSI Model was Invented (humor)

Hacker Links

Hacktavism Example - Danish and Muslim
HackThisSite Site

Reconnaissance Links

Passwords for Candy Article
Social Engineering Reloaded
Social Engineering The USB Way
Google Hacking
Google Database Site
Google Hacking Guide by Johnny Long

Metasploit Links

Metasploit Video Tutorial
Metasploit Unleashed Tutorial
Metasploit Ehacking Tutorial
Backtrack5 Ehacking Tutorial

Password Cracking and Guessing

Rainbow Crack and Tables
Password Cracking Speed
Bad Password Primer
Wikipedia Password Primer
Password Cracker FAQ
German default password DB
Moby Wordlist

Firewall Advice

Configure IT: Design best security firewall topology
Firewall Design Advice
Cisco Firewall Design Advice

Graduate Student and General Academic Advice

Advice Collection Site
Iowa State University CS Links

General Security Links

Ronald Rivest's Links
Security Focus
Sans Reading Room

IDS and IPS Links

Talisker Product Overview Page ID FAQ
Log Analysis Site

Snort IDS Links

Snort Rules
Several Snort Articles - pick and choose

Cryptography Links

Cryptlib Toolkit
Cryptography General - Plus Tools
Public Key Cryptography 101 Using Java
Secret Sharing and Splitting
Handbook of Applied Cryptography (Free Book)
Why Cryptosystems Fail?
Timing Attacks - Paul Kocher
MD5, RIPEMD and HAVAL-128 Collisions Paper
Problems with Pin Numbers - Ross Anderson
Wells Fargo ATM Web Strategy

Laws and Policy Affecting Network Security

Great Link on Net Neutrality

DES and AES and PKI Cryptography Links

Williams Stallings DES
RSA labs FAQ on DES
William Stallings PKI
Wikipedia AES Page
Wikipedia DES Page
Wikipedia PKI Page