CSCD 434 Network Security
Takehome Midterm - Spring 2019

Due: Monday May 22th     Worth: 100 points

This is a takehome exam which means that you can take it home or work on it here at school, but please do the work individually. You can ask me for help in order to clarify what I am asking or for suggestions on places to look for references.

If the question asks you to provide a reference, please provide one. Actually look up a reference for the answer.

Answer all the questions to the best of your ability. That means, don't skip a question. This test is not supposed to be time limited which means you can take your time and look up information you don't know. Never leave an answer blank ... bad strategy on a test. Even if you guess, you will likely get some points for the answer. And, if you are really, really confused as to what I am asking, just email me and I will answer ... in a reasonable time.


Turn In
Type your answers to the above questions and turn them in during class in hard copy format.