CSCD 434 Assignment 4 - Do IT Yourself
Malware Investigation

Due: May 17

For this assignment you are going to do some research and investigation into interesting malware exploits.
Choose an exploit that we have not yet talked about in class. I know there are a lot of them out there.
Pick one that seems fairly serious ... can give you root access or admin access onto a machine.
Learn as much as you can about it. If you have a VM machine or a spare laptop that you don't care about, you can even try it out if you have time.
I would not recommend testing it out on your own computer unless you know ahead of time you can contain it.
The primary deliverable will be a write-up of the exploit and any defenses that exist.
You can use websites that discuss malware, blogs, hacker forums, pentesting sites or forums.
There are some sites listed from the notes in class. I am sure you can find some interesting sites in the course of your research.
As you research this topic, there is no lack of interest and material on the Internet describing, those exploits

List of Items to Include in Your Write-up
1. Description and name of the malware exploit
2. Severity or seriousness of the malware. For example, can you get root or admin as a result of running it.
3. The type of system affected by the malware. Windows, Linux, all systems, routers etc.
4. The success of the exploit. How many machines have been affected. Plus, is there an estimated damage amount from this exploit.
5. The security or other defenses that will combat the exploit. Or, if nothing is very successful, state that there is no good defense.

Assignment Turn in

1. Type the write-up
2. Turn in via email, put: CSCD434 - Assignment 4 in the subject line.