Assignment 3 - Protocol Research Papers
CSCD 434 Network Security

Assigned: Apr 19    Due: May 3rd     40 points

To Do

For this assignment you will read the network vulnerability papers listed below.
The Papers are:
1. BGP Papers,    Beware of BGP Attacks, Nordstrom and Dovrolis    Survey of BGP Security
2. TCP/IP Security,    TCP-IP Security, P. Mateti
Answer the questions below. Type them and print them to hand in during class.

General Questions
1. Describe two major problems common to most of the network protocols discussed in these papers.
1a. Describe two solutions for these protocol problems.

TCP Questions
2. What are some problems specific to the TCP protocol?
2a. Describe any proposed solutions to the problems identified in Question 2.
3. What is a Syn Flood attack and is it still a valid attack today?
3a.Describe several proposed solutions to a Syn Flood attack.

IP Questions
4. What is an IP Spoofing Attack? Briefly describe the process of IP Spoofing. What is the reason attackers spoof IP addresses?
4a. Are there tools to help an attacker conduct an IP Spoofing attack?
4b. Mention defenses that help against these kinds of attacks.

BGP Questions
5.Describe two known problems with BGP along with attacks that have been successful.
5a. What are some proposed defenses for BGP to thwart the above problems?
5b. Research and describe briefly a recent BGP attack.

DNS Questions
6. What is DNS Poisoning? Describe it and what an attacker can gain from using this kind of attack.
6a. What are some proposed solutions to DNS poisoning. Are there problems with the solutions?
6b. Research and identify at least on DNS Hijacking or Poisoning that is being discussed on the Internet.

Turning In the Assignment
1. Type the answers to the Questions.
2. Cite any references other than the papers listed above that you used in your answers.
3. Please print the answers and bring to class on the due date.