CSCD 434 Assingment 2
Hackers, Social Engineering and Reconnaissance
Due: April 19th, 2019

Answer the following questions. One goal of the questions is to encourage you to think and consider the actions of hacker groups with regards to activities that affect everyone. Another goal of this assignment is to provide some hands-on experience gleaning information in similar ways as hackers would during the period of Reconnaissance.

  1. Hackers a. Is there a benefit to our society in your opinion from hacktavism? If yes, what is the benefit they provide
    If no, why do you think they don't provide a benefit.
    b. From the groups doing hacktavism, is there a group or individual that stands out for you in terms of what they are trying to accomplish or simply why they are distinguished from the crowd?
  2. c. Research a recent (within two years) incident of Hacktivism and summarize the attack.
    d. Research recent cyber Attacks. Report on a recent publicized cyber attack.
    Answer the questions:
    How did they implement the attack? Were they successful in your opinion? Could the victim(s) have protected themselves from the attack. If yes, then how could they have defended themselves?
  3. Social Engineering Research You can try dumpster diving. At work, school, or from a public source. Report what you found. Anything of interest? OR, Describe how you could shoulder surf. Use your smart phone or another application. Research what people use to shoulder surf. If you like you can conduct a proof of concept without getting caught or raising suspicion about what you are doing. OR Describe a way to bypass any security system you know about. Capitalize on human trust and fallibility. Just describe how it can be done or you can actually try to implement the bypass. Just get permission from people in charge if you are doing this at work.
  4. Reconnaissance Research the University of Idaho domain. Find out the following items of information:
    a. Administrative contact
    b. Technical contact
    c. IP Addresses and names of DNS servers
    d. IP Addresses and names of MX (mail) servers
    e. Date the domain expires
    f. Find out salary, (if you can) and contact information for the Administrative contact.
    g. Find out the IP range of the computers within the University of Idaho domain.

Turn In
1. Results from answering the questions. Email is ok for this assignment
2. Put CSCD434 - Assignment 2 in the subject line.