Assignment 2 - Research Paper Discussion
CSCD 434 Network Security

Assigned: Apr 2    Due: Apr 9th     25 points

To Do

For this assignment you will read the network vulnerability papers listed below and write down some notes on each one.
The Papers are:
1. BGP Paper,    Beware of BGP Attacks, Nordstrom and Dovrolis
2. TCP/IP Security,    TCP-IP Security P. Mateti
Answer the questions below. Write or type them to hand in during class and be prepared to discuss the papers in class and hand in your notes.

1. Can you identify at least two underlying principles or problems common to the protocols discussed in these papers.
Are there known solutions to these protocol problems?
2. For the main routing protocols discussed in the papers, What are some suggested fixes? List these.
Are there any problems with these fixes? Have any of them been implemented yet?
3. What is a Syn Flood attack? What is an IP Spoofing Attack? How Feasible Are the SYN Flood and the IP Spoofing Attacks Today?
Mention defenses that have been put in place since these attacks have been developed.
4. What is ARP spoofing and is there a solution to ARP spoofing?
5. What is the problem with BGP? And how does it relate to the other protocol problems mentioned in the Mateti paper?