CSCD434 Network Security

Assignment One
Due: April 4th

Find the answers to the following security trivia questions:

Send me an E-mail with the answers and, include your name at the top of the email.
Please include the string: "CSCD434-Assignment1" in the Subject Line.

  1. Define what CERT means in general. What are the main CERTS in the US what is their task? Provide URL's to these sites.
  2. What government agency was responsible for starting the Internet? What was the original purpose of the Internet?
  3. Define what this term means, "Center of Acacemic Excellence in Information Assurance (CAEIA)".
    What is the closest CAEIA to EWU?
  4. Name two of the better known hacker groups and what is their claim to fame?
  5. When did the Stuxnet virus first appear? What was the purpose of this virus?
  6. What is DDoS?
  7. Explain what a rootkit does.
  8. What is Defcon? Hint. Something to do with hackers.
  9. List a recent incident associated with a data breach or hacker incident