CSCD 434
Network Security
Spring 2014

Room:  Lectures are in CEB 227, Labs are in CEB 342
Time:  M,W 2 - 4:30 pm
Instructor:  Carol Taylor
Office:  CEB 315
Office hours: 1-2 pm M, W and F
Phone:  509-359-6908 (office)

Text:  Security + Guide to Network Security Fundamentals, 4th Edition, by Mark Ciampa     Link to the Book

This page covers all the administrative aspects of the course such as grading, and course philosophy. Links are provided to assignments, course handouts, links and notes. Please check the assignments and course notes pages frequently since dates may change throughout the semester. You are responsible for downloading the lecture notes, handouts and any supplemental reading prior to the lecture.

Important Links
Course Notes and Reading
Relevant Links
Paper Instructions
Paper Guidelines
Kyle-Springers Survey Paper
Ross Anderson's Example Paper

Communication with Instructor
E-mail is my main form of communication. You may also call my office phone, and leave a message on my machine. Or, stop by during office hours and most times when I am in my office.

Students have the option of a project or a research paper. See the links on the course web page for information about these options. Grades will consist of a number of different components including programs, tests, and labs. For either the project or paper, you will need to do one in-class presentation. Everyone will do a presentation. Both undergraduates and graduates. Class participation will figure into your grade. The following percentages will be used to compute your grade:

Grade Percentages
   30% Homework/Programs
   30% Labs
   30% Project or Research Paper and Presentation
   10% Class Participation

Due Dates and Assignment Requirements
All assignments are due on the date specified for the assignment. If the assignment requires you to turn in a printout, then turn in a printout. If you have to miss class the day the assignment is due, contact me ahead of time to arrange a time to turn it in. There is no penalty for one day late. If you need more than one day, contact me and we can make arrangements.

Assignment Requirements

End of Syllabus