CSCD 433/533 Lab 7
Real-Time Protocols

Due: March 16, 2017


In this lab you are to investigate the real-time protocols RTSP and RTP in order to find out how they truly work and understand better how they are used in Today's Internet. As we said in class, sometimes it is hard to find out how applications are truly implemented in a network. Do the tasks below and answer the questions:

  1. You will be working on a program that uses both RTP and RTSP.
    What are each used for in general?
  2. What other protocols appear to be popular for multimedia applications? Name at least two other protocols.
  3. What applications make use of RTP and RTSP? Name at least two.
  4. So, what does Youtube use for its video delivery mechanism?
  5. What is the difference bewteen streaming media and progressive delivery? Your answer should be a short paragraph.
  6. Use wireshark to capture a stream of traffic as you visit a Youtube site. What did you discover about the capture? If you can, show a screenshot of the beginning of the traffic.
  7. Now, use wireshark to capture a stream of QuickTime or other media player, or Skype and view the capture. Show a screenshot of this traffic capture. What protocol is being used to stream this media? Does it appear to be efficient? Did you notice any problems with quality?

Turn in

Turn in the answers to the above questions and any screen shots you captured via email.