CSCD 433/533 Lab 2 Network Measurement

Due: May 9th, 2018


In this lab you will be going to some sites and performing some network tests to test various aspects of the Internet and your connection to the Internet. Also, to do some distance tests for packet delivery speeds

Task 1 - Speedtest for Your Connection

For this task, you will go to the Ookla Speedtest site and try out some of the speed and site quality tools.
Site URL is: Speedtest Site
Click on the Go and report your results for Ping, Download and Upload results
Do this test twice and report both results.
1. From EWU: Do this test from EWU. Record your results.
2. From Home: Do this test from Home. Record your results
3. Compare results from home and EWU. Report which is faster? Compute a comparison, percentage or whatever you like. By how much faster?

Task 2 - Compare Results with Others

At the same site, site, at bottom of screen, click on Speedtest Awards
1. What is the Global Average speeds / Download and Upload for Broadband? Report the results. How does this compare to your results from Task 1?
2. What is the fastest country for broadband?
3. Answer the question: Where does the US fall in the ranking of countries listed?

Task 3 - Web Site Performance

Go to a site for testing Web Sites,
Enter EWU's web page, below in the URL box
Select the location to test from, New York is the first choice.then click Run.
1. Report on how long it took to load the whole site.
2. How many components do we have at EWU to our site?
3. What type of components take the longest to run?
4. Repeat the test from a different locations. Try Tokyo and Seattle. Report load time. Does it seem that distance makes a difference in web site load time?
5. Now, type in a more popular site any one you want and repeat the test. Report the same as EWU's results.

Task 4 - Run Ping around the world

In this test, you are simply going to ping sites around the world and construct a graph of distance verses ping speed. Do you recall how ping works? Ping sends a packet with an ICMP message in the packet, Echo Request. If the packet makes it to its destination, it get back an Echo Reply. You can time the response packets back. Useful for rough performance metrics.

1. Ping each site below. Run at the command level: $ ping site  Let it run about 15 pings. Report the min. avg. and max for each site
2. Look up the distance between the site and Spokane, WA. Record that.
3. Answer the Questions
a. Is there a correlation between distance and ping time?
b. Which site was the most variable, greatest difference between min ping and max ping.?
c. Was there a significant jump in ping time for sites not in North America?
4. What happens if ping is not successful?

Sites to Ping
1.   Gonzaga
2.    University of Washington
3.    UC Berkeley
4.    University of Cambridge, England
5.    University of Sidney Australia

Turn in your answers to the above tests via email. Put CSCD433-Lab2 in the subject line