CSCD 433 (499)
Course Project

Project Goals and Tasks

  1. You have the opportunity to choose and research a network topic in depth and write a paper or create a program.
  2. All students will do a presentation on their topics for both papers/programs.
  3. The paper should be a significant effort 5+ pages with references.
    Similarly, the program or system should be a significant effort
  4. The main goal of the Project is to allow students to conduct their own research into a network topic of their choice. This will enable greater learning and opportunity for individual effort.

Details on Paper and Program
Paper - The purpose of the paper is to give you more practice writing. Writing papers allows you to practice research skills in the synthesis of other's work. You will be synthesizing the work and writing it up in an understandable form for an audience. Written communication is a valuable skill that is basically a lifelong skill.

Program or System - Choosing development of a program or system will give you a chance to create a significant amount of code or individually develop a system.

For both the paper or project, you will need to decide ahead of time and email your choice of topic by the due date shown below. I will approve your choice. Ideally, you will all choose different ideas so the presentations to your fellow students are interesting, diverse and educational. The topics below provide a good overview of most of the subjects covered in class. You can create your own topic, but it must be network related.

Course Topics

  1. Performance, Measurement and Traffic Models
  2. Lans
  3. ATM
  4. Raw vs. Cooked Sockets
  5. IP Layer and Internetworks
  6. AS's and BGP
  7. Cloud Computing
  8. MPLS and VPN's
  9. Multimedia Applications
  10. Transport Protocols and RTP/RTSP
  11. Congestion Control, QOS and Service Classes
  12. Wireless
  13. Cellular Networks
  14. Security

Due Dates
1. Date for deciding on a topic:      May 2nd
2. Presentations ongoing the last week of class.
3. Final due for project or paper:      Jun 6th