CSCD 433/533 Relevant Links

Net Neutrality and Privacy, Anonymity

Letter to FCC - Net Neutrality

General Network Links

IPv6 Links and Information
Maps and Geography of Cyberspace
Yahoo Networking Links
Stallings 8th Edition
Simulation Software links
Sally Floyd Home Page
Kurose Book on Networks - links

Physical Network Links

Gif vs, Jpeg
Frequency Domain, Amplitude and Phase Shift
Frequency Spectrum
Fourier Transform and Java Applet
Fourier Transform + Good Explanation

Optical Network Links

Optical Fiber Explanation
Wikipedia Version

Wireless Network Links

Raul Siles Page
Lisa Phifer's Wireless Corner
WiFi Planet Tutorials
Wireless Network Communications and Research Center
Network World - Wireless Topics
Wireless Week
Paper on Signal Strengh

Wireless Communities

Find Public Access Wi-Fi Hotspots
Hotspot Locations

Wireless Security and General Security Links - Many tools
Wi-Foo book site - Has all the tools in the book

Wireless Health Concerns

Cell Towers Radiation Health Canada
Dr. MagdaHa vas Toxicology Expert
EMF Safety Network
EMR Policy Site - Good for Litigation
Nice list of Sites from EMF Safety Network

Scholarly Network Links

ACM SigComm Home - lots of links

TCP/UDP Programming Links

Uri's TCP/IP Links
Socket Tutorial
Spencer's Socket Site includes Information on Select
Kurose Site for Socket Programming

Grad Student Advice

Grad Student Advice - Great Site
Iowa State University Grad Student Advice