CSCD 330 Lab 6 ICMP

Date: Tuesday, Feb. 24th, 2015


In this lab, you will be exploring ICMP messages and how they work. ICMP works at the network layer to inform hosts about the conditions of the network. Such as that the traffic did or did not make it to the destination, such as it timed out or there was routing problems like the host or port destination was not open or "unreachable".

In the following lab, do Parts 1 and 2 but not Part 3. The lab can be done in Linux in the lab or you can use Linux or Windows at home. The lab assumes you will be using Windows. Since we can't do Traceroute on campus, I am including a Wireshark capture file for you to use. It is a capture of the Traceroute to the host in france that is suggested in the lab.

The link to the lab is here: Wireshark ICMP Lab
The link to the pcap capture files is here: Pcap file Traceroute

Turn In
1. Answers to the Lab questions emailed to me.