Project 2e
Picture Viewer
150 points
Must be done alone


Create a program that allows the user to specify a directory that contains images (.jpg, .gif, .bmp).  The program should then load the images one at a time and display them (ala a slide show).



  1. There should be a delay between loading images.  Choose a default delay but also allow the user to set the delay.

  2. Each image displayed should be shown full-sized.  This means resize the picture box and/or form as necessary.

  3. Include the following

    1. Use special effects in transitioning from one image to the next.  This should be done by drawing with a Graphics object.

    2. Allow the user to specify an internet address and load pictures from that location

  4. Make your GUI intuitive.  Use menus, buttons, etc. as you deem necessary.




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