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.NET notes of interest (old, but good) (Special thanks to Joe Hummel of Lake Forest College)

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Each program should include your name, a description of the program, and a discussion of any issues you had. Each class should contain a description of what the class is all about. Document any non-trivial code. Use descriptive names and whitespace to enhance the readability of your code. Follow our naming conventions (which will be discussed in class -- they are the conventions used by the .NET Framework). Failure to do this will result in point loss. Keep your code clean and easy to read. Don't give me a reason to take points off for sloppy code.

PROJECTS - Documentation is same as with programming assignments. Each class should contain your name, a description of the class, and discussion of any extra things the grader (or another developer should know -- i.e. something that does not work or perhaps that there are extra features that warrant extra credit). When working with forms-based programs, I do not want to see 10 buttons named button1 through button10, etc. Give them names that describe what they represent.

Final projects (choose 1)