CSCD 303 Lab4 Live CD/USB with Kali Linux - Part 1
Due: February 19, 2014

For this lab you will be learning about Kali Linux the replacement for the BackTrack Linux Operating System. BackTrack provides people with a set of tools to hack systems and perform penetration testing of their own and other people's systems. Also, it allows you to fix Windows machines, recover passwords and perform recovery operations. Part two of this Lab will be to use the tools in Kali Linux to fix a Windows machine.

Ideally, you should create a bootable live DVD or USB drive. But, if you are unsure about doing that, I can help you with that in the lab or you can just use the image of Kali Linux in the lab during Part 2 of this lab which we will complete another time.

Background Reading and Tutorials

Go to the links below and read about Kali Linux and watch Vidoes. The official kali Linux site
kali Linux Website
Several Learning Resources on Kali Linux
EFY Times Resources on Kali Linux
Youtube Video on Kali Linux
Eli the Computer Guy Video Kali Linux
Or, find some of your own references and please include them in your Lab write-up if you find some good ones.

1. Describe Kali Linux. How does it differ from regular Operating Systems like linux or windows?
2. Name some interesting tools distributed with Kali Linux. Name at least 3 tools and briefly describe what they do.

3. Can you name some tools specifically for password cracking distributed with Kali Linux?

Optional but Highly Recommended
Download Kali Linux, and create a live DVD/USB bootable drive.
Go to the Kali Linux website and follow instructions.
You will need a 4 GB USB or a DVD.
Try it out on your system.
Report any problems you had or how well it worked.

Turn In
1. Email me the answers to the questions.
2. Put CSCD303-Lab4 in the subject