CSCD 303 Lab3 Kali Linux
Due: October 19th, 2017


Part 1

Download Virtual Box and Kali Linux as described in the .pdf handout.
Install both applications to your laptop as described in the handout.

Background Reading and Tutorials

Go to the links below and read about Kali Linux and/or watch any Vidoes at their site. The official kali Linux site
kali Linux Website
Several Learning Resources on Kali Linux
Tutorial on Hacking with Kali Linux
Youtube Video on Kali Linux
Cybertronix Video Kali Linux
Or, find some of your own references and please include them in your Lab write-up if you find some good ones. There are many others ....

Part 2

Answer the following questions, briefly. Please also include any links you found useful in answering the questions.

1. What in general is penetration testing and who is likely to use this technique?
2. How does a distribution like Kali Linux help with penetration testing?
3. What is the purpose of the vulnerability analysis tools?
4. Why would you use a sniffer tool? Do hackers use sniffers?

Pick 2 tools to review. One of them should be nmap
5. Describe what each tool does and what information you would gather from the tool?

Turn In
1. Email me the answers to the questions.
2. Put CSCD303-Lab3 in the subject line