CSCD 303 Assignment 3
Windows vs. Linux (or Mac OS X): Which is more secure?

Due: Wednesday, February 5th

The purpose of this assignment is to discover the strengths and weaknesses of the OS's that you know and love. It might surprise you to discover that certain operating systems do or don't keep you more secure. Research this topic by finding articles that support your position.You can also use any security books that discuss this issue. Keep track of the articles you read. There is likely no one answer to this question. For instance, both OS's are used as both server and user machines. So, there will be different "flavors" of these OS's.

Cover the following items in your research:

1. What are some "myths" surrounding the security of these operating systems?
2. How do you evaluate the security of an OS? What kinds of things indicate whether a system is secure or not?
3. Answer the question as a budding security expert, "In your opinion which OS is the most secure and why?"


1. Write up your results in a one-two page paper. Printed copy is preferred.
2. Include a list of the papers or books with URL's that you used.