CSCD 303
Essential Computer Security
Room:  Lecture: CEB 228, Lab: CEB 342
Time:  M, W 2-4:30 am, Lecture and Lab
Instructor:  Carol Taylor
Office Hours:  CEB 115, Mon, Wed 11-12 am and 10-11 am on Tues
Phone:   509-359-6908

(Required) Steal This Computer Book, 4.0 4th Edition by Wallace Wang, No Starch Press, 2006

This page covers all the administrative aspects of the course such as grading, and course philosophy. Links are provided to assignments, handouts or lab materials, relevant links and notes. Please check the assignments and course notes pages frequently since dates may change throughout the semester. You are responsible for downloading the lecture notes, and supplemental reading prior to the lecture.

Course Overview
This course introduces you to the topic of computer security. No prior knowledge of computer security or computers is assumed. A variety of assignments will accomodate students of varying skills. After learning about threats to computers, students will then learn techniques for securing their computers. Operating system security will be covered including protection from viruses and spyware plus email security. We will also cover on-line security and danger from social networking sites and other websites. Defensive techniques will be taught such as virus scanners, browser toolbars, firewalls and other security tools. Labs will provide hands-on practice with security tools and techniques.

Important Links
Course Notes and Reading
Relevant Links
Handouts and Lab Material
Project Ideas

Communication with Instructor
E-mail is my primary form of communication. You can call and leave a message if I don't respond through email.

This course is an applied course where you are expected to be actively involved in learning. Consequently, grades will consist of a number of different components including project or paper, labs, assignments and class participation. Tests will be take-home. The following percentages will be used to compute your grade:

Grade Percentages
   30% Exams - one take-home midterm and non-comprehensive final (may be optional)
   25% Project or Paper
   20% Assignments
   15% Labs
   10% Class Participation

Due Dates and Assignment Requirements
All assignments are due on the date specified for the assignment. If the assignment says to submit it in printed form, then you must hand in a copy in printed form. If you need more time, or there are extenuating circumstances, then make arrangements with me ahead of time.

Assignment Requirements

End of Syllabus