Assignment 7: Arrays of objects, searching, sorting, file input and output
75 points
Due Monday, June 7 by 11:59:59pm on Blackboard -- NO LATE ASSIGNMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED FOR POINTS
"ClockShop Conundrums"

This assignment will introduce you to working with an array of objects of some kind (Clock in this case).  You will perform basic operations on the array including sorting, searching, retrieving and modifying.  You will also get a chance to further work with input files and output files.  The assignment will require you to slightly modify your Clock class from the previous assignment, write a new class ClockShop, and work with an existing class (ClockShopTester) to test the functionality of your ClockShop class.  Details for each class are given below.



This class will hold an array of Clock objects.  It will provide behaviors (methods) that allow for sorting, searching, retrieving, and printing the Clocks it contains.  Specifics for this class are as follows:


Use the following class to test/run your program.  You *must* design your ClockShop class so that the code in this class compiles and executes properly.  You are not allowed to modify the contents of this class without express permission from the management (Tom).

To Turn In

Submit to Blackboard all source files (,, and the input file (name it clocks.txt) you used to test your program.  Make sure, are fully javadoc'ed.  Include your history of work in  This is hw7.

REMINDER: No assignments will be accepted after 11:59:59pm, Monday, June 7 for points.