Note: 45 min. for each plenary talk and 25 min. for each presentation, including Q/A.

April 12th (Saturday)

7:45-8:45 Conference Registration and Breakfast

8:45-9:00 Opening Session
Atsushi Inoue, Anca Ralescu

9:00-9:45 Plenary Talk (Chair: Anca Ralescu)
Ubiquitous sensing environments for supporting human activities
Michihiko Minoh

9:45-10:00 Coffee Break

10:00-11:15 Brain and Cognition (Chair: Ali Minai)
10:00-10:25 Is the Turing Test Still Relevant? A Plan for Developing the Cognitive Decathlon to Test Intelligent Embodied Behavior
Shane Mueller

10:25-10:50 Modeling Exploration and Exploitation in Creative Idea Generation  
Laxmi Iyer, Ali Minai, Simona Doboli and Vincent Brown

10:50-11:15 A Hybrid Computational Model of Neural Pruning as a Cause of Schizophrenia
Jason Shifflet, Daniel Palmer, Marc Kirschenbaum and Natalie Reiss

11:15-11:30 Coffee Break

11:30-12:45 Learning (Chair: Atsushi Inoue)
11:30-11:55 Scalable Learning with Thread-Level Parallelism
Karsten Steinhaeuser and Nitesh Chawla

11:55-12:20 PPCP - An Ensemble Classifier
Dan Vance and Anca Ralescu

12:20-12:45 Spectral Information Divergence Based Kernels for SVM Classification of Hyper-Spectral Data
Mojtaba Kohram, Mohammad Noor Mohammad Sap and Anca Ralescu

12:45-1:45 Lunch

1:45-2:30 Plenary Talk (Chair: Anca Ralescu)
QUEST - QUalia Exploitation of Sensors - Can we make a computer that can feel?
Steven Rogers

2:30-2:45 Coffee Break

2:45-4:25 Recognition (Chair: Eric Berkowitz)
2:45-3:10 Intelligent Autopilot for Remote Classroom: Feature Extraction  
Zachary Moore, Isaac Schlittenhart, Donny Simpson, Christopher Sorna, Kyle Springer and 
Atsushi Inoue

3:10-3:35 Detecting Atmospheric Buoyancy Waves in Lidar Data  
Sofia Visa, David Guerra and Sonia Garcia

3:35-4:00 Comparison between 2D-PCA and PCA applied to pedestrian recognition
Chunsheng Fang and Anca Ralescu 

4:00-4:25 On evaluating the proximity between heterogeneous data
Anca Ralescu, Stefana Popovici and Dan Ralescu

4:25-4:40 Coffee Break

4:40-5:30 System (Chair: Atsushi Inoue)
4:40-5:05 Experiments with Stochastic Behaviors using an X80 Robot
David Smith

5:05-5:30 A Comparison Between Optimized Neuro-Fuzzy (with Genetic Algorithm) and Genetic Algorithm solely for tuning PID-IMC Controller Of Multivariable Distillation Column Plant  
Shervin Kermanshachi

5:30-6:45 Information Retrieval I (Chair: Martha Evens)
5:30-5:55 An Integration of Game Theory and Multi-Agent Theory with the Intelligent Recommender System for Selecting E-learning Courses  
Yi-Chi Lee, Chih-Yao Lo and Yu-Teng Chang

5:55-6:20 Automated Generation of Meta-View Topic Graphs for Intelligent Presentationerse Document Collections
Eric Berkowitz

6:20-6:45 Relating Computer Generated Topics to Human Generated Topics for Information Classification and Presentation
Eric Berkowitz and Joseph Davis

7:30-10:30 Conference Dinner

April 13th (Sunday)

8:00-9:00 Conference Registration and Breakfast

9:00-9:45 Plenary Talk (Chair: Anca Ralescu)
A Fuzzy Ambient Intelligence System for Third Generation Home Telecare
Trevor Martin

9:45-10:00 Coffee Break

10:00-11:40 Informatics (Chair: Sofia Visa)
10:00-10:25 AttackAids@A&T, nk-HIV Docking, and X-TOOLSS
Gerry Dozier, Kelvin Bryant, Jeremy Barksdale, Sheng-You Huang, Xiaoqin Zou, Aaron Garrett, Gerrimy Tann, Toyan Harvey, Marcel Brown, Robert Meeks, Lauren Goff, Michael Tinker and Andrew Schnell

10:25-10:50 Intelligent Tools for the Study of Biological Pathways  
Sravanthi Mailavaram, Amruta Desai and Carla Purdy

10:50-11:15 Building an Authoring Tool for Prediction Table Tutorials
Tian-Long Wan, Martha Evens and Joel Michael

11:15-11:40 Fuzzy Tailored Tests
Dana Balas-Timar and Valentina E. Balas

11:40-12:40 Lunch

12:40-1:30 Collaboration (Chair: Carla Purdy)
12:40-1:05 Optimization of Cooperative Strategy for Multi-Agent System  
Shin-Tsung Li, Chih-Yao Lo and Cheng-I Hou

1:05-1:30 TeamBuilder: Visualization for Identifying Project Team Quality in Multi-variant Resources  
Chris Dunn, Anne-Marie Buibish, Jeff Stanford and Beomjin Kim

1:30-1:45 Coffee Break

1:45-3:00 Information Retrieval II (Chair: Martha Evens)
1:45-2:10 Text Mining Based on Self-Organizing Map Method for Arabic-English Documents  
Abdulsamad Al-Marghilani, Hussein Zedan and Aladdin Ayesh

2:10-2:35 FRICC Approach for Genre Categorization of Web Pages
Jebari Chaker

2:35-3:00 Enhancing Retrieval Effectiveness of Diacritisized Arabic Passages Using Stemmer and Thesaurus
Bassam Hammo, Azzam Sleit and Mahmoud EL-Haj