Papers in all areas of Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science are invited. Submitted papers may present significant final results or describe interesting research in progress. Participation of younger researchers and graduate students is specially encouraged. Papers should range in length from four to eight two-column pages including figures and references using the AAAI format available from here. The authors will retain the copyright. Papers must be submitted electronically, as a PDF document. Papers should be submitted online.

[NEW!] We have AAAI format instructions (in ZIP archive) for LATEX users. To reflect AAAI format, you need to add the following in the source file:
\usepackage{aaai} % to reflect AAAI format (referring to aaai.sty).
\nocopyright % to eliminate AAAI copyright slug in the footnote.
% This needs to be placed prior to '\maketitle'

MSWord template is prepared for your convenience.

Questions should be directed via E-mail to: