University of Cincinnati – Kyoto University

International Workshop on Sensing Web

jointly held with

The 19th Midwest Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science Conference (MAICS2008)

Date & Time:

600-800PM on April 11, 2008 (Friday) – refreshments at 530PM.


ERC Auditorium (ERC 427), College of Engineering, University of Cincinnati


No registration is necessary.


600-700PM Schneider Special Lecture

Digital Obesity and the Role of Fuzzy Thinking by Trevor P. Martin, University of Bristol, UK.

(This lecture is sponsored by College of Engineering, University of Cincinnati.)

700-800PM Panel Discussion on Sensing Web


Tsuneo Ajisaka, Wakayama University, Japan

Nobuo Babaguchi, Osaka University, Japan

Atsushi Inoue, EasternWashington University

Trevor P. Martin, University of Bristol, UK

Michihiko Minoh, Kyoto University, Japan

Anca Ralescu, University of Cincinnati

Qin-An Zeng, University of Cincinnati


Professor Michihiko Minoh, Kyoto University

Professor Anca L Ralescu, University of Cincinnati

A brief description about Sensing Web:

The Sensing Web project was launched in Japan in the Fall of 2007. Its aim is to open the data obtained by the sensors already existing in our daily living environment for various purposes. Since the data obtained by observing the real world directly with sensors include real-world information different from the Web, a new worldwide social information infrastructure, the Sensing Web. The panel presentations will discuss the issues that need to be solved toward its realization.